HYDRA SmartBottle

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Get a water bottle that does more than quench your thirst. The HYDRA SmartBottle is for those who spend a lot of time traveling or enjoying the outdoors. Use HYDRA as a power cell, plug in and get a full change on up to 2 phone batteries on the go. At a whopping 5 watts, this little speaker packs a punch. It can be removed from the bottle and used independently of its water bottle base. Aside from all these really cool features, the bottle itself is just plain well…cool. It has a very sleek design, it feels great in your hand and the carabiner clip makes it easy to take with you anywhere. The HYDRA also has a sleep-assist app. Set your HYDRA to "night light" while the App plays soothing sounds of the ocean and nature to help you relax and fall asleep.


Cycle Safety


1. Wearing headphones isolates you from your environment - very DANGEROUS when cycling! The HYDRA’s powerful built-in Bluetooth speaker pumps music into your vicinity, letting you retain an aural connection to the world (and any potential hazards) around you!

2. The translucent, frosted fluid chamber refracts The HYDRA's BRIGHT, FLASHING RED light ensuring you'll be seen by approaching vehicles when biking or walking